H&H Jobs: Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to CEO of Super Sprowtz
Radha Agrawal: 


Work based around three fundamental principles—anticipation, the constant accumulation of knowledge and key information, and going above and beyond what is expected. Planning multiple steps ahead is imperative in managing the responsibilities and day-to-day activities of such a busy individual. Additionally, in an effort to always be on top of your game and ultimately make Radha’s life easier and more productive, you will strive to research and learn new information/strategies as well as devote an extensive amount of your time and energy to this position.
Determining Radha’s schedule before the start of each week and ensuring investors and colleagues are aware of her agenda. This entails keeping calendars in sync, making practical scheduling decisions, and taking the initiative to make changes according to what would be most beneficial to Radha at the end of the day.
Supporting personal life:
 Attaining healthy lunches, snacks, and drinks for Radha on a regular basis as well as encouraging physical activity amidst long hours in the office. In addition, getting to know what she likes and dislikes, and promoting a balanced lifestyle.
 Keeping Radha and the individuals she works with on the same page in an organized and concise fashion, including classifying emails and phone messages according to degree of importance.
Office organization:
 Maintaining an orderly office atmosphere to promote a productive work space.
 Analyzing current children’s media and entertainment for trends and seeking notable public figures and musicians for potential collaborations.
Coordinating travel plans: 
Booking tickets, arranging for transportation/accommodations, and budgeting time meticulously during business trips.
Acting as a Gatekeeper: 
 As a successful social entrepreneur, Radha gets lots of incoming offers and opportunities and assistant must determining which people, calls, and emails get through.
Handling basic personal tasks:
 Fulfilling everyday tasks and simple responsibilities outside the office including paying bills, picking up laundry, making dinner reservations, etc. so that Radha can focus 100% of her attention on the bigger picture.

EMAIL: myles@supersprowtz.com