H&H/The Ghetto Film School

About the H&H/GFS Partnership:

Headsets and Highballs is all about the next generation of NYC talent.   Ghetto Film School’s mission is to educate, develop and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers.

H&H’s commitment to developing the relationships of media’s brightest talent extends to the next generation with its comprehensive partnership with the Ghetto Film School. The H&H/GFS Partnership includes teaching the Industry Program, matching GFS fellows with H&H partners, fundraising through events, producing the Internship Workbook, and promoting GFS intern candidates.

H&H and GFS are committed to each other’s success and finding innovative ways to bring value to each other’s experience. H&H is committed to discovering, promoting and developing the talent that will dominate the industry in the years ahead.

Want to be a part of it?

General Information:  headsetsandhighballs@gmail.com

Teach a Class:  andrewcbeck@gmail.com, perron.jacques@gmail.com

Internships: aweeks@runbox.com, skyjoshua@gmail.com 

Fundraise: chai.josie@gmail.com

Partnerships: neuhaus@radicalmedia.com



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