About Us

Headsets and Highballs is committed to promoting and developing New York City talent by channeling the energy, talent and connections of its members to foster deal making, creative collaboration and a creative community.

Programs include the H&H/GFS Partnership with The Ghetto Film School, Conversations with Headsets, as discussion series, H&H Dining, a curated food series, The Greater Network, a bi-annual fundraiser and a long list of random bar nights.

H&H’s commitment to developing media’s brightest talent extends to the next generation with the Ghetto Film School. ┬áThe H&H /GFS Partnership includes teaching the Industry Program, matching GFS Fellows with H&H Mentors, producing the Intern Workbook and preparing GFS Intern Candidates.

Get involved: headsetsandhighballs@gmail.com, @hsetsandhballs


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